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Instant temperature scanning with recorded images of all those entering will allow the return to class a much more pleasant and less intimidating event. Our wide range of cameras can scan hundreds of students per minute with accuracy to within 0.5degrees celcius. Anyone entering with temperatures above the recommended CDC range can be instantly flagged allowing staff to carefully move those to a safe area for further screening.

Check-in thermal kiosks with direct integrations to your reservation systems allow guest check-in and scanning as they arrive for their reservation. Whether you implement a turnstile entry solution or simply a check-in station with full facial recognition, the guests will dine comfortably knowing all guests have passed through the kiosks and are as concerned as all others for the health and safety of all those around them.

Long range Thermal cameras, turnstiles with access control for facial recognition, Sani vending machines and “Pick up” lockers are a few of the solutions we offer for ensuring the safety and health of your workers, but also for warehouse operations.

Ourwide range of Turnstile and access control stations can not only screen for temperature and face coverings, but in turn offers face recognition and check-in apps to allow for a seamless check-in experience all the while screening guests at the same time.

Integration is our specialty – let us find a turnkey solution for you next convention.

Our Sani Vending station is a perfect solution to ensure those requiring protective and sanitary items, can find them in the lobby prior to passing through the check-in stations.

With the inevitable return to normal, movie goers will soon feel confident enjoying their show knowing that patrons have been screened prior to attending the theater.

Handheld thermal scanners as well as turnstile access stations with facial recognition, face mask detection and temperature scanning will be paramount in ensuring the patrons get to relax and enjoy their evening out.

Return to work means giving both employee and employees the confidence to know that their work environment can be a place where they feel comfortable knowing every precaution has been taken to ensure that the health and safety for all.

We offer a wide range of tools to help towards achieving an environment conducive to getting all those back to a proactive work environment.

Our thermal scanners and face detection products give all those involved the peace of mind knowing entry to the facilities is carefully screened and monitored.

In addition, we have our Sani vending stations for those needing additional personal protection and sanitizing products.

Access control together with thermal and face recognition take it one step further by ensuring no person may enter without first passing through these control measures.

  • Ensuring a safer workplace

  • Encourage safe dining/shopping
  • Peace of mind for patrons
  • Consumer Confidence
  • Employee Confidence